This is going to be the best party in the world, by far. A night full of your favorite eurobeat music, parapara dancing and good times – and fika!

Eurofika, presented by Kanelbulle!

‘I have no idea what an eurobeat is….

Eurobeat has to be the most awesome genre of music in the world. It caught a lot of fame from various sources like anime (Initial D) or games (Dance Dance Revolution). Originally from Italy, eurobeat got real big in Japan 🎌 during the 90’s. Eurobeat got played a lot in clubs, and people were dancing parapara to it. Now, on August 10th 2019, we are doing an eurobeat party right here in Sweden.

Some legendary eurobeat songs. Feel the energy! ⭐

‘People dance the parapara?’

Yes, parapara. There are a lot of eurobeat songs, and the awesome thing about eurobeat is that people dance parapara to it. With parapara, the moves are mostly focused on your arms. Every song has its own parapara dance routine to it, and every routine is unique. Fans learn these routines at home, so they can dance them at parties. Eurofika will be the first place in Sweden to host this kind of event.

A parapara club event in Japan

OK, I got that eurobeat part. But then you also talk about fika…

Fika is the best thing ever invented in Sweden. It is part of Swedish culture, and we think fika should become a worldwide thing. You’ve probably heard of the British ‘tea time‘, where the Brits have a cup of tea at 4 o’clock. Well, the Swedes upgraded that with fika. You can have fika all day long, and instead of tea it’s a coffee. But, a real fika isn’t complete without a typical Swedish sweet snack, like a kanelbulle (cinnamon bun). These things are super delicious, but be warned. You might have to pay for an extra seat if you eat too many of them. 😉

Bringing eurobeat to Sweden can only mean one thing: Eurofika! Just like normal fika, but with added eurobeat and parapara.

Kanelbullar are the best!

This sounds awesome! I want to be there!’

Of course you want to be there! Everyone wants to be there! It only makes pure sense wanting to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime event. And the good news is, you can! You can register yourself as a visitor at the bottom of this page.

Parapara heaven

‘Yes! When and where is Eurofika gonna take place?

Good question. It will be held on the 10th of August in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. The exact location is H62, Hornsgatan 62 in Stockholm.

Previously we announced a different location, but there were simply too many people saying they’d come, so we had to upgrade our venue. Now, we can really fit all euroboys and paragirls!

‘How much does it cost?’

The admission fee is super low! You can get in for only 100 SEK or € 10 but only if you pre-register. Tickets at the door, without pre-registration, are 120 SEK or € 12. You can pay with either Swedish krona or euros, especially for all our European friends who don’t feel like exchanging. Keep in mind that buying drinks is still done using SEK, so you’re better off having some of those sweet SEKs ready in your pocket.

In case you don’t want to carry around a lot of Money Funny Dollars Kronar, it’s also possible to pay by card. Door payments are cash only though!

‘Is ABBA going to be at Eurofika?’

No, we’ve got something better. Eurobeat DJ MK☆ will come to Eurofika to give you the best eurobeat (and hyper techno!) of all time. MK☆ has been doing eurobeat events all across the world as part of Deshima Sounds. Originally from the Netherlands, MK☆ has made dance rooms explode in Germany, Spain, the UK and even Japan. And now for the first time in Sweden at Eurofika.

Next to that, there will be other special appearances that we can’t tell you right now…

‘I love parapara! Will there be a tracklist online so I can practice?’

Yes. In fact, you can also send in your favorites! Just pop a mail to and we’ll try to get your song added to the list. Currently, we’re working on the tracklist. Please check back later or follow us on our Facebook event page.

‘HYPE! Where do I sign up?!

Sorry, sign-up period has ended. You will have to show up at the entrance and pay at the door.

‘Can I follow you somewhere?’

Try our Facebook event! You can also send us a digital message by sending it to Once again, talk to us in English, Swedish, Dutch or Japanese!